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Loan Mortgage

Finalize your mortgage rate by managing the payment day and number of the fee

A comfortable mortgage that adapts to your needs.

The payment date for the fee


Customer Benefits: When choosing a pay day, you can choose a day or a subsequent payroll so you can avoid delinquency interest and commissions.

Year-end capital redemption


Customer benefit: only interest can be paid at the beginning of the loan without amortising capital, since the beginning is the most common expense, the purchase of furniture, taxes, household appliances, the newly acquired home improvement reform …

Intermediate capital transfers.



Possibility of requesting two capital transfers, each one being 6 months old, while at least one year passes between them.
Customer benefit: Paying only interest on the loan, in order to face other expenses and mishaps (faults, unusual expenses …)

Flexible fee


At times of higher savings (such as a salary rise), the amount of the fee can be increased by adjusting the income. Also, the possibility of losing the amount of the monthly mortgage loan, from the date of the signed expiration of the client.

Interest rate bonus

Interest rate


LABOR In accordance with the products contracted at the Savings Bank, the interest rate can be discounted.

Term: Up to 30 years


Initial capital injection: you have the option of paying only interest for the first 12 months; That is to say, you do not pay capital for one year. Intermediate cash transfers: You can also request two more days, each of which is 6 months, if there is at least one year in between. Quota reduction option, paid in advance and without the possibility of passing the initial period. You will be able to choose the date of the monthly payments.



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